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I want Fredi gone now

This will be quick.

I want Fredi Gonzalez gone right now. I am nervous and concerned about how he handles his pitching staff. The future of the Braves is this young pitching staff. Gonzalez has proven time and time again that he handles this staff very poorly. Bringing Matt Wisler out of the bullpen in Game 12 of the season is proof of a desperate manager who will do whatever he needs to in order to save his job.

He can do more damage than good to these young arms physically and mentally.

So yes… that means I, Ryan Clary, a die-hard Braves fan, want the Braves to lose until he’s gone.  The more we lose, the sooner he’s gone.

I don’t trust Fred. I don’t want him around these arms.

Development has to trump winning. Fred isn’t going to listen or buy in to what upstairs is doing.

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