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Tigers Peeking

I don’t care how overstated it is…it can not be said enough how good of a job Monte Lee is doing. Pulling out a sweep to end the season with this pitching staff is pure genius.

Clemson’s bats are becoming more consistent from 1-9, the defense is beginning to improve, and pitchers who have struggled a ton this year are starting to find the strike zone.

Monte Lee and the Clemson Tigers are now in position to play for a Regional host. If the season ended today, the ACC in my opinion would receive 5 Regional spots.  Miami, Louisville, and Virginia would not only get the first three, but will get national seeds as well.

The last two would come down to FSU, NC St., and Clemson.

FSU has only 10 ACC losses, but 4 games (2 against NC St and 2 against BC)  weren’t played due to rain. FSU’s strength of schedule is 7th.

NC St. has one less conference loss but only has 34 wins (also had 4 games rained out). The Wolfpack are 6th in the RPI, the highest amongst the 3. Their strength of schedule is #2 in the country.

Clemson has more overall wins, won the head to head vs both, and has a higher RPI than FSU, and is just a few spots behind NC St. The Tigers strength of schedule is 12th.

NC St and FSU are on the same side of the bracket in the ACC tournament. The Tigers have a tough draw with Louisville and Virginia. Losing to both wouldn’t help their cause. But the Tigers may be in much better shape than one may think if the committee looks strongly at head to head.

However, if the Tigers continue to play their best baseball like they have the last few weeks, upsets will happen.

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