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Great Effort, Same Result

Let’s point out a couple of obvious things that certainly affected the game.

  1. Texas A&M clearly missed their stars Myles Garrett, Ricky Seals-Jones and Speedy Noil. They clearly weren’t the same team.
  2. How USC was able to score 13 points with Deebo, Edwards, and Davis out at WR is pretty impressive by itself.

Now, we talked on Open Mic how USC would keep one of these big home games in October close, but I didn’t think it would be against Texas A&M. However, I thought they would have all 3 guys mentioned above. But the Gamecocks played with outstanding effort and made some big defensive plays. Lammons’ pick and English’s forced fumble were great plays made by USC and the defense kept them in it.

But USC is exactly the same team they’ve been all year. Below are my thoughts on the game.

  • Mcllwain makes some good plays, but he clearly isn’t seeing the whole field. A&M’s defense confused him multiple times. Don’t get me wrong, if USC starts Orth, the Gamecocks will have the same problems they’ve had in the past. Don’t overreact to the few drives he was in. His weaknesses are still there and USC will struggle to move the ball and score. It may however be better for Mcllwain to watch on the sideline for a little bit, then go back in against UMASS.
  • Rico Dowdle needs to start. That’s right…start. AJ Turner had a very nice TD run but would be better as the #2 back and create some speed at random times. Dowdle provides the runs between the tackles success USC desperately needs. I was impressed with him.
  • Lammons is getting better and better.
  • It may seriously be time to give Jake Bentley a look. I continue to believe he won’t be redshirted.
  • The Defense was outstanding. They secondary is better right now than expected and the DL makes a lot of good plays. There were too many 6 to 7 yard runs but A&M’s offense is really good even without Seals-Jones and Noil.
  • Hayden Hurst is gonna be a beast when a run game develops to support him.
  • USC had their chances. This team fights and scraps and gives great effort.

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