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I Broke My Chair

Heading into my 8th season calling Spartanburg Viking games, I’ve come to expect every year to present something different. What big surprise will be around the corner this year?  A breakout player, a key injury, a 2:30am finish…let’s hope not on the last two.

On paper I have an idea of what should happen. Senior WR/RB/KO Ret/Punt Ret/CB Damyjai Foster should have a huge year, Senior TE Tommy Washington will touch the ball a lot in big moments, and Senior WR Romain Kelly will go deep down the sideline….a lot. Senior LB Connor Shugart will have a lot of tackles…seriously…a TON of tackles. I also expect Junior FS Jay Girdner to be a breakout player as he’s in his 2nd year as a starter and a really good player.

I believe we’ll see both Junior QBs, Keonte Cartledge and Jax Cash and I presume by the Union game, we’ll have settled on one to go with; if not before. We’ve already seen a couple of injuries to RB Zykamren Robinson, Reggie Anderson, and Jay Rice, but all will be back soon.

So what will be the unknown?  What will happen that I just am not expecting?  What moment in a game will I have no words to describe what I just saw. When this year will I quote the legend Larry Munson and say “I broke my chair. I came right through a chair.”  Munson by the way is my all time favorite announcer and the moment I first sat in a chair, in a booth, to call a game I know he once sat in to call a game, I cried…hard.

I don’t know when it’ll be. I don’t know what will happen. Frankly I don’t know if it’ll turn out good for the Vikings are not. I just know something will happen.  Maybe a blowout shocker, an upset, a 99 yard pick 6 by Josh Villegas..which almost happened in a jamboree.

Calling games for Spartanburg High School is an incredible honor and I’m so grateful for all the nice comments over the years.  I haven’t forgotten them. I can’t wait for this year to get started. To Summerville we go for Game 1….Let’s bring back a W boys.

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