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Pick Slate Week 13

No one last week went 10-0.  Good luck again this week and thank you for playing.

You can email your picks to  You can tweet your picks to @Spartanburg1400.  You can post your picks on the Fox Sports 1400 Facebook page.  Picks are due by Noon on Friday. If you go 10-0 during a week, you will win a prize pack.

Here is the Pick Slate for this week:

  1. Dutch Fork vs Dorman
  2. Dillon vs Chapman
  3. Miami vs Clemson   -10.5
  4. Georgia vs Auburn   -2.5
  5. Wisconsin vs Ohio St.    -6.5
  6. Stanford vs So Cal   -2.5
  7. TCU vs Oklahoma   -7.5
  8. Panthers at Saints   -3.5
  9. Eagles at Seahawks   +5.5
  10. Vikings at Falcons   -2.5


Good luck.


Here are our staff’s picks:


Hauser: (67-63)

Clary: (72-60)

Tyler:  (64-66)

Alex (71-59) 

Cole:  (67-53)

Delaney (82-48)



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