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Vikings Win, 1-0

By Ryan Clary


Each week, I’m going to share my immediate thoughts on what I saw Friday night in the Spartanburg football game in an article called Clary’s POV. There’s no real order to them, it’s just what comes to my mind 2 hours after the final whistle.

So here we go:

  • It was a very typical first game. Lots of good, lots of sloppy, and lots of confusion. Spartanburg just made less mistakes and more big plays.
  • Mo Wedman has developed into an all around very good WR. Makes lots of guys miss, strong route runner, fast…of course, and good hands. He had a big night. 6 catches, 162 yards with 2 TDs.
  • The run game struggled to find consistent holes to run through. The OL has to get a better push at the line of scrimmage.  Again…game 1, so there’s tons of time to grow. The pass blocking was good.
  • Jalen Smith…Wow. What a night.  A pick 6, fumble recovery, 2 sacks, 1 TFL, 10 total tackles. Just awesome.
  • Congrats to Jamare Benjamin on his first career Pick 6. He’s gonna be very good.
  • Man did we hit some people in the secondary tonight.  That was fun to see.  Great job Chris Manning.
  • Good to see Keonte come in and go 9-9. Nice job young man.
  • Really hope Zykamren is ok. He’s so important to this team.
  • Jalen Girdner is a really good CB. What can’t this kid do??
  • Rock…What a solid first game. Threw a TD pass, caught a TD pass, and had 5 catches.
  • First games always bring a lot of mistakes, and I expect us to get better and correct those.  But Greer is next week and man can they run the football. The Vikings have to clean up those holes quickly because Greer is a good team.
  • This was a fun night. The last home opener at Gibbs. I love calling games for Spartanburg High School and tonight was a blast. 1-0 is 1-0. Let’s take it, get better and I can’t wait for next Friday Night.

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