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HS Football

What Happened??

By Ryan Clary


Spartanburg High School fell to the Greer Yellow Jackets 37-17 Friday Night at Dooley Field. The Vikings are now 1-1 on the season.  Here are my thoughts from the game:

  • Greer QB Trey Houston was awesome.  Spartanburg made a point to not let RB Dre Williams beat them and for 3 quarters, we did a great job at that. Houston had space however and made big time plays.
  • Greer has a clear identity on who they are and what they are trying to do on offense.  Without Zykamren Robinson, Spartanburg struggled to find their own.
  • Seth Smith came in and was outstanding. Multiple Greer fans told me after the game how much they liked him. He made some big time throws and his TD pass to Mo Wedman was a tremendous play of checking down.
  • Where is our run game?  I know we were without Zykamren tonight but for 2 straight games, we can’t run between the tackles at all.  That has to improve immediately.  We may have to put more blockers in but overall we have to be more dominant at the line of scrimmage.  We’re creating no push.
  • It’s a long season and it’s easy to get down after a loss like that but we’ve shown a lot of heart and promise.  We have a lot of inexperience…we’ll need to gain some fast.
  • I thought the DL had a much better night than in Week 0.  No sacks but did so much better against a very very talented RB.
  • Our Special teams as a whole is as good as I’ve seen it in my 9 years with Spartanburg High School.
  • Again…we have to find an identity on offense and I’d like to see us take more shots down the field.  Our offense was much better once we got away from going horizontal so much.
  • I would expect Seth to start at QB next week.  He’s earned it.

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