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Smitty is Back!!!!!!!!


Fox Sports 1400 is very excited to announce that Matt Smith, 9 year host of Open Mic is returning to Spartanburg. Smitty has been hired as the Vice President of Operations at Fox Sports 1400 and will return as co host of Open Mic beginning Jan 4, 2021, joining Ryan Clary and Anthony Greer.


“First of all, Spartanburg is a great place to work and live” Smitty said. “I love the passion and support for high school and college teams. It’s a special place with special people.”


Smitty has been a co host of SportsTalk with Phil Kornblut the past few years and has traveled around the country covering the Gamecocks and Tigers.  Smitty started Open Mic in 2006 when 1400 was an ESPN affiliate. He left in 2015, giving the show to Clary and Mark Hauser.


Smitty will be heard all across the Fox Sports 1400 airwaves, appearing on many shows in the station lineup and is ready to get started.


“I’m excited about what Fox Sports Spartanburg is building” Smitty said. “The focus is on local schools and players.  I want to be a part of that.”

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