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Staff Final Four Predictions

The NCAA Tournament is here and we are so glad to have it back this year.  As is the custom with the start of the tournament all the experts make their picks and let you know who they think will win the NCAA Tournament.  Well, we aren’t experts, but our staff wanted to get in on the fun too.

I asked everyone that works at the station to let me know who they had advancing to the Final Four, the the National Championship, and then who would take home the trophy when the 2021 tourney is over. All but one of the guys below think that the Fighting Illini would advance to the Final Four but only one had them winning the National Title.  A couple guys were high on Michigan thinking they will advance to the title game, with Matt saying they would win it.  Five out of seven guys had Baylor in the title game with four saying the Bears would win the whole thing. 

Clary: Final Four- Iowa, Texas, Illinois, North Carolina 

                    National Championship- Illinois over Iowa


Smitty: Final Four-Iowa, Michigan, Baylor, Illinois 

            National Championship- Baylor over Michigan 


Anthony: Final Four- Kansas, Florida State, Baylor, Illinois 

               National Championship- Baylor over Kansas


Mitch: Final Four- Michigan, Gonzaga, Houston, Baylor

                                  National Championship: Michigan over Baylor


Tyler: Final Four-Iowa, Florida State, Illinois, Baylor

         National Championship : Baylor over Iowa


Alex: Final Four- Gonzaga, Michigan, Ohio State, Illinois 

         National Championship- Gonzaga over Illinois 


Jordan: Final Four- Gonzaga, Michigan, Baylor, Houston

             National Championship- Baylor over Gonzaga

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