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Sports and Stuff: The New Kid?

Tyler Shugart

Ronald Acuña Jr,, Ronnie Baseball, or just plan Acuña, no matter what you choose to call him there is no question that he is one of the best players in baseball at this current time 

His 2021 season is off to a ridiculously good start with seven homers already and a batting average of .442.  His speed is incredible. In the last week alone we have seen him tag up and score on a pop fly caught by the second baseman and score from second on a ground ball to short.  

In the past he has been pulled from games for not hustling down the line and watching the ball as it soared through the outfield instead of running to first.  I chalked it up to immaturity at the time, and hopefully that is what is was and we won’t see that Acuña anymore.

When I watch Ronald Acuña Jr play baseball I am taken back.  To me for him it looks so effortless. His swing is smooth, his speed is world class, he makes amazing plays with his glove.  It looks almost as effortless for him as it did for a young and healthy Ken Griffey Jr. 

I remember as a kid watching Griffey play when he was with Seattle. He made the game look so easy. He still, to this day, has the smoothest swing that I have ever seen.  I recall going to the sporting goods store as a kid to buy a new glove for the upcoming baseball season, and I just had to have the glove with Griffey’s signature inside. No other player would do. He was simply the best. I will argue until the day I die that if he had stayed healthy, there are no telling what records he would have shattered.  Truly one of the saddest stories in baseball. 

Acuña has an opportunity to be this generations Ken Griffey Jr.  The talent, the athleticism, and the ability to make being amazing look so easy could make him a fan favorite for years to come. His fun personality could make him the face of MLB.  I hope that he can stay healthier that Griffey did. The best part about all this….the Braves have him locked down.  Thanks AA!


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