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Most Surprising MLB Teams 2021…So Far

Matt Castillo

Taking a look at the MLB standings the other day I was thinking to myself they are some surprising teams that are playing great baseball that not many expected them to be playing at this point in the season.  Let’s take a look to see who I think are the most surprising teams so far this season.

#3 Oakland Athletics

Oakland is that wild card team it seems every year, meaning that you’re not quite sure what to expect. The money ball approach that this team’s front offices use, often causes them to lose their most productive players because it’s a team that doesn’t break the bank for their roster.

So each year they add new guys to the roster and that makes it hard to predict what this team will look like when they are replacing guys that have been productive for them. But once again this front office led by Billy Beane has done another great job of adding guys that help make this team successful as they currently are in second place in their division by only a game and have a 45-30 record.

#2 Boston Redsox

The Red Sox’s were nothing special last year and they came into this season with basically the same roster and still without Chris Sale and playing in a brutal division not much was expected by the Red Sox’s.

But after a year without their manager Alex Cora, who was fired after the stealing sign scandal was brought back by the organization and they are rolling once again as it seems that Cora presses all the right buttons with this roster. I may not be the biggest fan of Cora but I will have to admit he is a great player-manager and the Red Sox players seem to love to play for him as he is getting the most out of his guys.

Currently, the Red Sox are leading the AL East and have a game and half lead over the Rays with a 44-29 record. It pains me to say this but the Red Sox are dangerous.

#1 San Francisco Giants

Hands down this Giants team is the most surprising team in baseball, and I will be honest I can’t name but maybe four or five players that are on their roster but this team is playing a high level of baseball as their young talent is producing.

The Giants are leading the NL West by three games over the defending World Series champs the Los Angeles Dodgers and obviously leading over the loaded roster that the Padres have. Will it last? who knows but right now this team is rolling and it’s fun to watch.


These are the teams that are the most surprising to me so far this year, next week I will have the teams that have been the most disappointing to me so far.

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