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Should the Booing Towards The Astros Be Stopped?

Matt Castillo

The Houston Astros are currently visiting the Los Angeles Dodgers for a two-game set and the Dodgers crowd has not been too welcoming to the Astros.

Of course, this stems from the 2017 World Series with the Astros defeating the Dodgers in 7 games, and years later it was revealed that the Astros cheated stealing signs and relaying that information to their hitters by banging a trash can.

So the Dodgers fans brought in inflatable trash cans and signs that were mocking the players and were yelling plenty of words that cannot be repeated in this article, but a topic of conversation on many sports media outlets is when is enough, enough when booing the Astros?

Some say the point has been made and fans need to let it go, plus the Astros have been punished enough. I say that is a load of crap. Fans should continue to make it as difficult as possible for the Astros for every stadium they enter.

Now that doesn’t mean fans should do whatever they want obviously I am not talking about throwing stuff at players or anything else that can cause harm because that is taking it too far but booing and bringing in inflatable trash cans to taunt them is everything they deserve.

For those that are saying weren’t they punished enough? is that a serious question? The organization might have served a punishment as they lost several draft picks and their GM and Manager were fired, but the players involved were never punished.

They were not suspended or even fined, the only thing that was required of them was to stand in front of cameras and reporters and issue bogus apologies. Because Commissioner Rob Manfred has no spine and did punish these player the fans are taking matters into their own hands.

The fans also did not have their chance last year to lash out on the Astros due to the season being shorteneed to 60 games and no fans in attendance, the fans have waited a long time to let the Astros have it.

I do believe that eventually the fans will ease up on the Astros, but for players like Jose Altuve this will carry with him his entire career, because not only did he get a World Series ring from the cheating scandal he also stole an MVP award.

Bottom line for those that are telling fans that enough is enough, its not even close to being enough fans should continue to make life difficult for the players that were involved in the scandal even if those players are playing on another team. Yes, George Springer I am talking to you!

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