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Clary’s 3 Things Week 0

Ryan Clary


Each Week following Spartanburg Viking Football games, I’m going to take a couple of days and think about the 3 most important things I saw on the field.  Some good, some great, some not so good.  I’ll try to break through what mattered, and what not to overreact to.  So here’s 3 things from Week 0’s loss to Gaffney. 


  1. Since we lost 31-12, let’s start with the most important thing we need to improve on: Special teams.   Four blocked kicks in one half isn’t ok and everyone knows this.  (1 punt, 2 FGs and 1 Extra Point)  The blocking up front has to be better and in a hurry. We have an outstanding kicker in John Love and he could be a real weapon for us.  There’s not much else to say here that you don’t already know. 


  1. Drek Carter is for real.  With Jeter on the sideline Friday Night, the run game solely relied on the RBs and Carter had a monster game.  He showed speed, elusiveness, power, and frankly a will to fight for every single yard.  Carter earned it by rushing for 149 yards on 22 carries and 2 TDs.  When Jeter gets back, those two are make a dynamic duo and eat some serious clock for the Viking Offense. 


  1. The defense was outstanding through the first 3 quarters and frankly just got worn down late. But I was really proud of this group all night.  Gaffney had outstanding field position all night and had 17 points with 6 mins left in the game which included starting on the Viking 20 one time and not gaining a yard.  The FG attempt was tipped at the LOS as well.  Yes, we missed a few tackles and made some mistakes of course, but overall our effort was fantastic and the D absolutely gave our team a chance to win.  

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