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MLB Lockout Is Not The Only Issue Baseball Faces

The MLB lockout has already seen the first two series of the season canceled, and with no end in sight for the lockout to end more series are expected to be canceled. But missed games are not the only issue that baseball is facing, it’s also facing the issue of losing its fans.

The bottom line is that fans are fed up with the whining by the millionaires and billionaires (mostly the billionaire owners) when we hear the rich complain about money that will always infuriate the fans and turn many away from the game.

The latest controversy is some of the approved rule changes for whenever the season may begin such as the outlawing of the defensive shift. There have been mixed reviews on outlawing the shift but most of what I have seen fans do not like it, and trust me I will have plenty of my thoughts on this matter on Saturday. I haven’t been this fired about a topic in quite some time so if you are a baseball fan this Saturday episode of the Saturday Sports Report is one that you don’t want to miss!

Right now I think baseball is in real bad shape the numbers in stadiums are dropping, other sports are catching up to baseball in the terms of popularity. Baseball was once known as America past time but that is no longer the case. The game was doomed the moment they made Rob Manfred or as he is known on my show as Rob ManClown the commissioner of baseball.

I know I have repeatedly have said this but from the moment that this incompetent individual took over he has done nothing but run the game into the ground. He showed by botching the way he handle the whole cheating scandal of the Houston Astros that he doesn’t have the spine or leadership ability that being the commissioner calls for.

Now with the current lockout situation, he is showing to be useless in the negation process and this was something that was supposed to be his strength. Do you all remember this tweet?

I have seen nothing that shows that he is a brilliant negotiator or progressive thinker, Instead, I see that nobody respects him look at the players that have mocked him recently like Marcus Stroman.

Baseball is heading down the wrong path and part of that is due to the leadership of ManClown a start in the right direction for the game would be him walking away! But also these billionaire owners need to stop screaming poverty because the fans, we don’t want to hear it!

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