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What’s Next for Tiger?

Tigers Woods played in the second event of the year at the PGA Championship. He was able to make the cut but after finishing his third round and posting a 79 Tiger decided to withdraw from the Tournament due to pain in his surgically repaired leg. So, what is next for Tiger, and will he ever win again?

Let’s start with will he ever win again, right now I find it hysterical that so many are debating will he ever be able to win again. The truth to that is that it is way too early to tell. There are so many uncertainties about the injuries he suffered in and how he will be able to recover from them. We know through him that the leg will never be the same but can he build the strength in the leg back up to be able to play relatively pain-free?

Right now the knee clearly isn’t strong enough but over time I do believe that the knee will strengthen and he will have some opportunities to win once again. The fact that he has come back already and played in two majors, which are the toughest tournaments with the toughest fields and Tiger has been able to make the cut on a bad leg, which means to me the game is there its simply about building the strength in the knee. If the knee just is not able to get stronger than it will obvisuly will be difficult for him to win again.

Now, what is next for Tiger? I know he’s looking to win more majors and the next major up is the Us Open but with having pain in that knee I do see him skipping out on the US Open to give his leg more rest and more time to build strength. Tiger has already committed to playing in the Open at St. Andrews in July, which is his favorite course he will not miss this event no matter how much pain that leg may be in.

After that I think he will shut it down from PGA tour events for the year, I do see him playing in his charity event in the Bahamas and in the PNC Championship with his son Charlie again.




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