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Round 2 Picks

The first week of the playoffs was really good. Six of our local teams got wins and advanced to round number two.  Of course as the weeks move forward staying alive and moving on become more and more difficult. This week is a tough one.  Our local teams all match up with some top notch football teams. Who will be left standing after tonight?

Gaffney vs JL Mann

I am not sure JL Mann can challenge the Gaffney. The Patriot defense has had a good year but they haven’t seen anything remotely close to what they will see tonight against the Indians.  Gaffney played great last week against a subpar Rock Hill team. The Indians offense looked good and of course we know their defenses is stellar.  Gaffney rolls on to round three. 

Pick: Gaffney 

Spartanburg at TL Hanna

We all know what to expect from the Hanna Yellow Jackets. They have become masters of running the triple option, which is a rare thing to see at the 5A level.  While this years Hanna team is good they aren’t as unstoppable as they have been in years past. Teams have been able to move the ball and score on the Jackets and I believe the Viking offense will be able to do that tonight.  

Stoping the triple option requires a lot of discipline and being where you are suppose to be. That is one thing the Spartanburg defense has struggled with this season. Especially the playing with discipline part.  This could be a shoot out. If it is I like the team led by a Shrine Bowl quarterback in Jeter. 

Pick: Spartanburg

Dorman at Dutch Fork

Every team wants to be able to establish the run in a football game.  That’s how you win.  These two teams take that to a whole new level.  They both are very run heavy teams and have terrific running backs. Jarvis Green and Demarius Foster are among the very best players in the state and this could be an epic battle between these two tonight. 

The difference in these two teams is experience and discipline. Dutch Fork has more of both of those things. They know what they are suppose to be doing and they do it well and are hardly ever penalized.  In playoff games that kind of stuff makes a difference and wins you championships.  

Pick: Dutch Fork

Other Picks:

Byrnes will win a close one with Blythewood on Saturday

Daniel will end Woodruffs run

Chapman slips by Seneca 

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