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3 Things Week 6

Each Week following Spartanburg Viking Football games, I’m going to take a couple of days and think about the 3 most important things I saw on the field.  Some good, some great, some not so good.  I’ll try to break through what mattered, and what not to overreact to.  So here’s 3 things from Week 6’s 21-9 loss to Byrnes. 

1- Let’s start with the good…I mean great…I mean Outstanding.  The Spartanburg Viking Defense is a State Championship winning Defense.  They held a loaded Byrnes offense to just 7 points. The Rebels never scored when they took a snap on the Viking half of the field.  Again the Rebels have so much talent on Offense and the Viking Defense gave up 1 long run to Freshman RB Trey Sagara, but otherwise nothing..and I mean nothing.  The Vikings had 8 Tackles for a loss and gave their team a chance to win a big game against a great team on the road.  The one thing to work on is forcing more turnovers.  Byrnes forced and scored on 2. 

2- The Offense still have a lot of work to do.  The good news is there’s some good tests remaining before the playoffs but the Vikings have to find a down field passing attack outside of Go routes with Jr Justin Rice. This would open up more running room for Viking RBs Jr Calvin Choice and Fr Trenton Lynch. There were too many plays where the Byrnes DL got pressure with just 3 (and yes their DL is outstanding).  I go back to a word I’ve used a lot this year…rhythm.  The Vikings have to find some and it starts with the run game. 

3- This isn’t something I learned…I just want to make one quick point going forward.  Man I can’t wait for the game this Friday Night.  Tune in this week as we get ready for Gaffney at Spartanburg.   

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