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4A/5A Playoff Scenarios

As we approach the final week of the regular season of high school football in the Upstate, the playoff picture has started to come into shape. Here’s a peek ahead at potential postseason matchups, and the games this Friday that will shape them. 

Make sure to tune in to Victory Formation on Fox Sports Spartanburg 98.3 FM after Spartanburg Viking football on Friday night to be the first to know the brackets as it becomes clear. 



Blythewood/Fort Mill/Spring Valley (Region 3 #5) @ T.L. Hanna (Region 1 #1)

  • The T.L. Hanna Yellow Jackets have already locked up the 1 seed in the region after its dismantling of Woodmont last Friday, as well as head-to-head wins over J.L. Mann and Hillcrest. Region 3 still is a little messy towards the bottom of the standings, and there is much to sort out this week. This spot most likely will go to Fort Mill, but if they upset Nation Ford and Blythewood takes care of Spring Valley it would create a three-way tie for the final three spots out of Region 3.

Dorman/Boiling Springs/Spartanburg (Region 2 #3) @ Lexington/Dutch Fork winner (Region 4 #2)

  • Another wacky tiebreaker scenario is in play for the bottom half of Region 2 this week, and it will determine who heads south to take on the winner of this Friday’s Lexington vs. Dutch Fork game. The victor between the Wildcats and Silver Foxes claim the second spot in Region 4 and enter the Upper State playoffs. Dorman plays Spartanburg head to head this week, and a Cavaliers win locks them into this spot. However a Viking win creates a three-way tie and the third quarter scoring margin will determine the final three spots in Region 2.

Woodmont/Mauldin winner (Region 1 #4) @ Clover/Rock Hill winner (Region 3 #1)

  • Finally something simple! Woodmont and Mauldin play for a playoff spot, the final seed in Region 1, where the loser enters the at-large picture. If Woodmont takes care of Mauldin similar to nearly all of the Maverick’s opponents this season, Mauldin will have no shot for the at-large as a winless team. But if Mauldin pulls the massive upset and takes the playoff spot, Woodmont could make for an interesting at-large case. Clover and Rock Hill play for the region title in Rock Hill, and the winner takes the top seed.

Lexington/Dutch Fork loser (Region 4 #3) @ Byrnes/Gaffney loser (Region 2 #2)

  • More implications from Friday’s Lexington vs. Dutch Fork game, as the loser will go on the road in the Upper State playoffs to the loser of Byrnes and Gaffney’s region championship matchup at the reservation. 


Dorman/Boiling Springs/Spartanburg (Region 2 #4) @ Clover/Rock Hill loser (Region 3 #2)

  • The fourth seed out of Region 2 is another seed that could be very simple or very difficult to determine depending on this Friday’s result of Dorman vs. Spartanburg. Again, a Dorman win locks the Cavaliers into the 3 seed in the top half of the bracket and the Vikings into the at-large discussion, and a Vikings victory creates a three-way tie where third quarter score differential involving Boiling Springs is in play. At the end of it all, the four seed travels to Region 3 to play the loser of the game between the Clover Eagles and the Rock Hill Bearcats.

Nation Ford/Blythewood/Fort Mill/Spring Valley (Region 3 #4) @ J.L. Mann/Hillcrest winner (Region 1 #2)

  • Our first look at the most important game in Region 1 this week, as the winner between J.L. Mann and Hillcrest not only secures the two seed but also a home playoff game. They will meet the fourth seed from Region 3, likely Blythewood depending on results this Friday. 

Dorman/Boiling Springs/Spartanburg/Woodmont (Upper State At-Large) @ Byrnes/Gaffney winner (Region 2 #1)

  • Let’s start with the simple. The winner between the Rebels and Indians on Friday in Gaffney claims the region title and hosts the first round of the playoffs. Easy enough. The will face the at-large selection from the Upper State which is likely the team that finishes fifth in Region 2 between Dorman, Boiling Springs, and Spartanburg. Technically you have to include Woodmont here if they lose to Mauldin, but it would not match up well with Region 2’s resume especially after a loss to the Mavericks. 

J.L. Mann/Hillcrest loser (Region 1 #3) @ Nation Ford/Blythewood/Fort Mill (Region 3 #3)

  • Despite matching up as the same seed, Region 3 gets the hosting duties in this matchup. With a win, the Nation Ford Falcons will lock up this seed and host the loser from the Patriots and Rams. If Fort Mill upsets Nation Ford it creates a three-way tie.



Lancaster/Indian Land winner (Region 3 #4) @ Greer/Riverside winner (Region 2 #1)

  • In one of the three region title games in our area, the Greer Yellow Jackets take on Riverside this Friday for the 2-4A title. Both teams will host playoff games no matter the result, but the winner here will play a four seed instead of a three seed. The Bruins travel to play the Warriors on Friday, and the winner will slot into this spot.

South Aiken/Airport/Aiken (Region 4 #3) @ Greenville/Greenwood/Easley (Region 1 #2) 

  • Two potentials for three-way ties in Regions 1 and 4, but also the possibility of being straight-forward (for this author’s sake, please be straight-forward). Region 1’s second seed earns hosting duties, and with a win over Easley it would be the Greenville Red Raiders. Should the Green Wave knock off Greenville on the road, the result of Greenwood against Pickens could create a tiebreaker scenario assuming Greenwood takes care of the 1-8 Dragons. In Region 4, Aiken plays South Aiken on Friday night and a South Aiken win locks the Thoroughbreds into the three seed. An Aiken win creates a three-way tie including Airport.

Greenville/Easley/Greenwood (Region 1 #3) @ Midland Valley/North Augusta loser (Region 4 #2)

  • The third place team from Region 1 travels to Region 4’s second seed, which if Greenville beats Easley will be Greenwood. If Easley takes down Greenville and Pickens upsets Greenwood, this spot would belong to Greenville. With Easley and Greenwood wins, we go to a three-way tiebreaker. And simply enough in Region 4, the loser of this week’s Midland Valley at North Augusta region title game will take the home game as the two seed.

Riverside/Laurens/Eastside/Wade Hampton (Region 2 #4) @ Northwestern (Region 3 #1)

  • Northwestern has locked up the Region 3 championship with a win last week, and will host Region 2’s fourth place finisher which is still up in the air. The simplest scenario with no three-way tiebreakers involved would require a Greer win (over Riverside) and Wade Hampton win (over Eastside), leaving Wade Hampton in the fourth seed. But knowing this is high school football and things rarely are simple, this seed could belong to any of these teams depending on results. With Riverside and Eastside wins, Laurens claims the fourth seed; Riverside and Wade Hampton wins leave the spot for Wade Hampton. Greer and Eastside wins? You guessed it, three-way tiebreaker. 


South Pointe/York loser (Region 3 #3) @ Greer/Riverside/Laurens/Eastside (Region 3 #2)

  • You didn’t think we were done with Region 3 madness did you? Well simply enough if Greer loses to Riverside, the Yellow Jackets take this spot. With Greer and Wade Hampton wins, Laurens gets to host as the two seed from Region 3. Greer and Eastside wins go back to the tiebreaker. The road team in this matchup is simple, South Pointe and York play for the two seed and home game in Region 3, the loser travels for the first round of the playoffs.

South Aiken/Airport/Aiken (Region 4 #4) @ Westside (Region 1 #1)

  • The Westside Rams are the champs in Region 1 with a perfect in-region record so far. They will host the fourth seed from Region 4, which would be Airport assuming South Aiken takes care of last-place Aiken at home this Friday. An Aiken upset would create a three-way tie between the teams.  

Laurens/Eastside/Riverside (Region 2 #3) @ South Pointe/York winner (Region 3 #2)

  • The victor from Region 3’s massive game between the South Pointe Stallions and York Cougars will lock in to the two seed and get a home playoff game. Their opponent could be one of Laurens, Eastside, or Riverside depending on this week’s results. Should Riverside beat Greer, all Eastside would need to do is beat Wade Hampton to secure this position in the bracket. If they lose, Laurens would jump into the three seed. If the Riverside Warriors lose the region title game, they could fall as low as third in the standings, putting them in the mix with Laurens and Eastside in a three way tie breaker. Greer and Wade Hampton wins makes Laurens the two seed out of Region 3 and Riverside the three. There will be a test on this, I hope you’re taking notes. 

Easley/Greenwood/Greenville (Region 1 #4) @ Midland Valley/North Augusta winner (Region 4 #1)

  • In Midland Valley and North Augusta’s region title game, the winner takes the top seed and hosts the fourth seed from Region 1. If Easley were to lose to Greenville, they would fit in the bracket here. Should the Green Wave win on Friday, Greenwood would need to beat Pickens to stay out of this seed and create a three-way tie with Greenville.

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