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Dream Start

Every once in a while, I’m gonna put some thoughts together for Upstate fans to give everyone an inside view of being the Voice of the Spartans.  Check back here on our website and our App and I’ll have some thoughts for you.

First off before I begin, I want to thank Matt, Lenny, Ryan, Brooks, and everyone at Upstate who have welcomed our station and myself to make sure our jobs are as easy as possible.  The transition has been very smooth and these guys are a huge reason why.  

I’m so pumped that we are doing an hour pregame show every single game.  I hope everyone is getting a chance to tune in because we’re putting out more info not just about USC Upstate but also about Big South Basketball that has ever been delivered in Spartanburg at once.  Joe and Alex are crushing the Upstate Tailgate so far.  Having USC Upstate games on Spartanburg’s Radio Station is just the perfect fit. 

Sunday was really neat because it’s not the first time I’ve called a game in the Hodge Center, but it was the first time that I called it Home.  Before the game I set up my equipment and spot chart early enough so I could take a few minutes and just walk around everywhere…the locker room, the control room for the streaming, VIP room…everywhere.  I found myself in Matt’s (Our AD) office and we just chatted for about 30 minutes.  We are very lucky at Upstate to have Matt as our AD and it’s fun to talk with him because in a way we are both new to Upstate but have both done the same job we’ve had before.  I’ve really connected with him early and he deserves the credit for that. 

A shirt is just a shirt but when it’s game day, my shirt means more, and when I put that Upstate shirt on for our first home game, my energy level shot up.  Because of a game just 2 days prior, I got up very early Sunday morning and finished my prep work I had started earlier in the week.  Calling games for Spartanburg High School and now USC Upstate has given me so much energy to know we are bringing Spartanburg’s teams to you. 

Once tip happened – I anxiously awaited for our first bucket and while we’ve played 2 games already, I wanted to hear that home roar and it didn’t disappoint.  Justin Bailey had a lay up and we were off an running.  I think though my favorite moment was at the end when Thomas Sheida hit his 2nd 3 in a row and the place just popped.  But what made it special was looking over and seeing my friend Lenny Mathis – who’s a big reason why I’m here now and call Upstate Home – standing and cheering so loud for Thomas, and for the first time since I’ve known Lenny, we’re on the same side.  I hope we are for a long time.  

I have thoroughly enjoyed calling games so far for USC Upstate but I have to tell you I’m so excited about our upcoming road trip to Minnesota and Ball St.  That’s where I can really get to know the guys and I can’t wait to.  

When I put these thoughts down, I’ll go more in depth about preparing for a game to take you further into what it’s like to be in this seat.  Until next time, Go Spartans! 

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