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Upstate Back From “NBA” Roadtrip

Every once in a while, I’m gonna put some thoughts together for Upstate fans to give everyone an inside view of being the Voice of the Spartans.  Check back here on our website and our App and I’ll have some thoughts for you.

In my 14 years of broadcasting games on the radio, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some incredible places – Notre Dame, UCLA, Michigan, Tennessee, and so on.  Most of the trips I’m gone for a couple of days, 3 at the most and back.  For the first time I experienced what Coach Dave Dickerson called an NBA road trip.  The team started at East Carolina, went to Minnesota, and wrapped up the 9 day trip at Ball St.  

Coach commented after the home game on Saturday that he thought his team was still tired from that trip which also had Thanksgiving the day after we got back and many players traveled then and back as well.  This team needs a little normalcy these next couple of days.  In total, we took 6 flights from start to finish. 

As for me, it was awesome for the first time to get to spend some time with the guys, especially since this is my first year at Upstate.  I found out Fr C.J Rich and I grew up on the same street (Cold Branch Dr in North Springs) 10-15 years apart of course.  I got to sit down with some of the guys and talk about what they want to do after Basketball and honestly it’s just fun to get to know these guys off the court a little bit.  

I also got to sit in a film session with the team which really takes you inside what they want to do.  It was less than an hour long, but as helpful as anything I’ve done so far.  

While a trip like this can be exhausting, it enhances our broadcasts on multiple levels and I was very appreciative of the timing of the “NBA” type of trip.  

Being back home Saturday was always nice as now the team is 2-0 at the Hodge Center.  When you play a team like Voorhees, my spot chart isn’t gonna have as much info on the players outside of stats, so I had to talk to some of their players before the game to get some some stories…however the game was close until about 8 mins left and I didn’t have time for a single one of them. 

Upstate travels to Coastal Carolina and NC Central this week, but they are shorter 2 day trips with no flights.   Looking forward to seeing how we play this week and hopefully we’ll look like ourselves Wednesday like we did 2 weeks ago at ECU.   Go Spartans!

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