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Brackett-Brannon Player of The Year

The 2023 Broome Centurions had a fantastic year that saw them post an 8-2 regular season record narrowly losing the region title to the Chapman Panthers.

A huge part of that success was the play of their quarterback Kamajay Brackett-Brannon. Brackett-Brannon’s senior season was outstanding the Broome QB ran for 1269 yards and 18 touchdowns while also passing for 1574 yards and 14 touchdowns.  Maybe the most impressive stat of all is the fact that he did all that while also throwing no interceptions. You read that right ZERO interceptions.

With those stats Kamajay Brackett-Brannon has earned the title of Fox Sports Spartanburg High School Football Player of The Year for 2023.

Congratulations to Kamajay and the Broome Football team on a great year!

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