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2023 High School Football Coach of The Year

Last year the Chesnee Eagles went a disappointing  2-9, with their lone wins coming against Blacksburg and 96.

Coach Clay Lewis and his team orchestrated a huge improvement this season.  In 2023 Chesnee had a big turnaround and had a 6 win season including a playoff win over Batesbirg-Leesville. Major changes to the offense made them very hard to stop in 2023. The defense also played very tough and had some big games.

Off the field the Chesnee community suffered an unthinkable tragedy at the halfway point of this season, when on a Friday afternoon 3 Chesnee High Students were killed in a car accident. In the days following this accident Coach Clay Lewis and his Chesnee Football team became a source of healing and a sense normalcy for the community to rally around.

Congratulations to Coach Clay Lewis and the Chesnee Eagles on such a good turnaround in 2023 and hopefully an even better 2024!


Congratulation Coach Clay Lewis the Fox Sports Spartanburg High School Football Coach of the Year for 2023!

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